Wild Blood App Review

Wild Blood is a gaming app developed by Gameloft and is currently available for iOS devices (will be coming soon to Android). It was first announced mid-August and was released some time in early September. It is rated 4 stars in the iTunes store but I beg to disagree. I say it should just be around 3 stars.

The apps announcement came out with a video (you can see it here) and it looked pretty awesome. Also, Wild Blood runs on Unreal Engine: the same engine used by games like the Infinity Blade series as well as Horn – some of the best apps we’ve seen. So, when the app came out, I purchased it right away thinking that it would be at par or even better than the said games.

Here goes my rants.

First off, the graphics. Just the same as my review of Six-Guns (another Gameloft app), the graphics does not live to the expectation and is at a lower level than their previous games (e.g. Brothers-in-Arms). I also think sound and dialogues need a little more work though I don’t really care about it.

And then the gameplay. I think it is a nice concept that you are able to battle multiple opponents simultaneously. However, the problem here lies in the execution. In the game, you can move the camera around by tapping the screen with one finger and moving it around. This allows you to see the surroundings (this is used when you are using the arrow weapon). This means that the camera isn’t always focused though you can double-tap the screen to re-focus it. This causes a lot of problem during battles with multiple enemies. Because the camera isn’t always focused, there are several times that I only see the background while I battle enemies. I would need to constantly double-tap the screen just to re-focus it, but who would want to do that? I suggest that this feature should completely be removed as well as the arrow weapon. I think it won’t affect anything by removing those anyway.

Also, Wild Blood follows the trend of “achievement unlocks” and “puzzles” – both of which I think are useless. These don’t add anything to the storyline and is easy enough to be a waste of time. It is quite annoying really and I hope that some day, game developing companies would realize this and remove it from any games.



I don’t know what happened to Gameloft but recently, their creating a lot of so-so games. The idea behind Wild Blood is quite good but it needs a little more work. Graphics, gameplay, and UI needs to be improved. I think Wild Blood is quite overpriced at $6.99 and I won’t suggest buying it unless it goes on a discount. Until then, I say no to this app.

Written by Gamebug

Gamebug is a weird guy.

Gamebug is a weird guy.

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