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What’s the Best Free Media Player App? – MoliPlayer HD vs. iMediaPlayer vs. FlexPlayer vs. VM Player Lite

If you love videos and you have tons of them on your computer waiting to be synced into your iOS device then, chances are, you’ve looked for a decent media player app that you can use to play them. And if you’re like me, you’re looking for something that’s free πŸ™‚ It’s just sad that the local iOS video app only supports MP4 ( or M4V? I totally forgot) and it’s a pain to convert a ton of videos.

So, what’s the best media player app out there? To qualify to this list, an app must support a wide range of video formats and also have support for subtitles. With that said, here are four apps that come into my mind.


At first, MediaPlayer looked promising. It was once a paid app ($2.99), and when it went free, I quickly downloaded it thinking that because it’s paid, it’s probably good. I was wrong. It was quite decent at first until I started playing huge files on it. All my movie files are stuttering. I tried it other media players and they all worked fine, except when I use them with iMediaPlayer. I don’t know if I’m the only one experiencing this though (based on the ratings and reviews it’s doing good, but hey, you can get stars and good reviews on fiverr for $5).


I’ve used Flex:Player before the recent disastrous update and it worked great for me. It played all known video formats, it has an intuitive UI (kinda resembles the local video app so it’s easy to understand), and it supports subtitles. The only problem I had with Flex:Player is that it sometimes crashes (though it never crashed on me while playing a video). Nevertheless, it was doing its job and my only wish is for the new update to be released already.

VM Player Lite

VM Player Lite is the free version of err, VM Player. It does a pretty good job of playing videos. However, it has ads all over it and that’s why it sucks. There’s even ads while you’re playing a video! I don’t care if it has ads on the directory page but while playing the video? Seriously?! Also, it has a weird seek function (the slide left/right to rewind backward/forward function). The longer you swipe, the longer the rewind. I honestly don’t get it. If I want to move a few minutes forward into a video, I’d use hi-speed scrubbing. And what if I only ant to move forward by 10 seconds? How short should my swipe be? Weird.

MoliPayer HD

MoliPlayer HD is the last on this list. I say that it’s not that great but it definitely works. It doesn’t have a swipe-seek/rewind (whatever you call it) function just like the others on this list and it also doesn’t have the best of user interfaces. But hey, it works. There’s no complaining about that!



Until the Flex:Player update comes out, I’d say that MoliPlayer HD is the best free media player app out there. It has its cons but hey it does the job. It supports a wide range of video codecs and has support for subtitles as well. Until I find something that can do the job well, then MoliPlayer will be the best free media player app.

Update: I’ve just found a great free media player in viPlayer lite! It’s got a good interface and it has support for subtitles as well. I’ll be writing about it in a few days so please check back! πŸ™‚

Edit: Whooh! After much searching, I was able to find what I call the best FREE media player app – LuberPlayer HD Lite! You can read about itΒ here. Well, if you have other suggestions, please leave them in the comments πŸ™‚ Thanks!



If you have other app suggestions, please feel free to live them on the comment section.

Written by Gamebug

Gamebug is a weird guy.

Gamebug is a weird guy.

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