Warmongers Strategy Guide

Warmongers is a free iOS strategy game from Category 5 Games. The game is very addicting and it’s free! What more can you ask? Tapworthy indeed. 🙂 The only thing I hate about the game is that I cannot access the leaderboards. I wanna see where I stack up with the rest of the world because I think I’m good at playing this 🙂


Playing the game

The game is about humans battling goblins. You (human) needs to claim the territories of the goblins. You begin the game by choosing a territory to conquer. Each territory have several camps.  To claim the territory, you must defeat all camps in that area. In each camp, you need to battle the goblins 3 times with progressing difficulty.

In goblin battles, the objective is to get your units across the screen. On top of the screen, there is a progress indicator. For each unit that crosses the screen, the progress meter moves and when you’ve filled the meter, you’ve won the battle. Sounds easy right? Nope. The goblins will also send their units to stop you and they will also try to cross to your side. Luckily, I have some tips for you 🙂 Read below for more.


Tips & Tricks

Just a note, when I say “game”, I mean the whole game in general (including territories and stuff). When I say “battle,” it refers to the humans vs. goblins trying to get across the screen. Thanks 🙂

I find the game easy to learn and understand. In fact, I haven’t found the need to buy any of the in-game items to help in my battles. Generally, there are two strategies that you can employ to beat the game. First one is to create a “strong” lane where MOST of your units are placed. By creating strong units  in front and spearmen at the back, you’ll be able to push the lane and get your units across easily. The second strategy is to block the goblins’ strong lane and put your spearmen on other lanes: that is, create enough units to slow down the “strong” lane of the goblins and put your fast units (spearmen) on other lanes so they can cross the battlefield. Why spearmen you ask? It’s because they are fast and strong enough to hold the lane for a while (enough time to create other units). Note that both strategies work together and you cannot just use either one especially in the late stages of the game. Also, remember that the objective of the game is to get your units across. You don’t need to kill all units on screen.

General Game Strategy

At the very first stages of the game, it will show you that there are other units that can be bought (archer, flagman and wizard). Don’t buy them. I never needed those units even in the late stages of the game. You should focus instead on maxing out the abilities of your knight and spearman (knight first because they are stronger than spearmen and they will be your bread and butter in the game).   When you’ve maxed out both units, it will be fairly easy to beat the goblins.

The game will also show you that there are other abilities (magic and color) that you can buy. Again, don’t be enticed on buying them. I never needed magic other than the arrows (though the snow magic is pretty useful because it slows down the enemy units giving you ample time to create units and block that lane). As for buying colors, after maxing out your knight, you can buy the blue color that increases your mana regeneration rate. Max this out because it’ll be the only color that you need.

When you’ve conquered several territories, you will now be able to purchase the flailer and gladiator. The flailer specializes on defense while the gladiator specializes on offense. Take your pick (I chose the gladiator, it’s bloodlust ability is also very useful. More on that later.). After buying either one of the units, proceed to upgrade and max out its abilities. They are fairly useless when they aren’t upgraded because they cost more mana to build. The game becomes easy-breezy once you’ve maxed out the gladiator.

When choosing territories to conquer, choose the smaller ones first. These territories will only have at most 4 camps to defeat while the bigger ones have 5 or more camps. Defeating a territory gives you gold and bloodlust coins so choosing smaller ones would be best

In-game battle tips

In the first few stages of a battle, you’ll find it quite a challenge  to beat the goblins. The trick is to wait until your mana comes to around 150-170 and wait for the first goblin to show up.  Wait for the goblin to be at least at the middle of the lane and then start creating knights (gladiators if you’ve already UPGRADED them – doesn’t need to be maxed out). If there are many goblins on the lane, use up your mana to create units. Most likely, the lane of the first goblin will be their “strong” lane. You should keep pushing that lane but still leave at least an ample amount of mana to counter any other goblin lanes.

Take note of your bloodlust meter. Even when the bloodlust meter is full, you shouldn’t be tempted to use it right away. There are a lot of times that the bloodlust of a unit have saved me. I’ll discuss more of it on the following sections. Several units have very useful bloodlust abilites (e.g. spearmen and gladiator). You can use these abilities to your advantage. Also, note that bloodlust stops time. This is quite useful if you need time to think of a strategy.

Edit: There are times when the lane will be filled and there are a lot of wizards at the back. Wizards have splash damage which makes any number of units insignificant. This is very difficult to counter. Here are the things  that you can do:

  • Kill the weak units with the gladiator’s bloodlust. It will instantly kill the wizards and you’ll have an easier time countering the push
  • Wait for the stronger units to cross and then when the wizards are near, create several knights/gladiators
  • Stun the whole lane with the knight’s bloodlust. This will give you enough time to regenerate mana and create more units. (from experience, this is the least successful)

Unit Tips

To be able to beat the game, you should know your units’ abilities so you can utilize them to your advantage. In this section, I’ll discuss the abilities of each unit.


Spearmen are cheap and easy to produce. They are alsovery fast and can hold their ground. At least for a while. Even in the late stages of the game, I still find it very useful (especially its bloodlust). Its bloodlust ability? The spearman runs to the closest goblin and kills it. Usually. Large and red-skinned goblins (kinda like the flailer counterpart) don’t die though. This is extremely useful. At the moment the goblins send out 5 lanes, you can choose a lane where there is only one goblin and kill it with the spearman’s bloodlust ability. This usually results in a touchdown for the spearman.

A special thing to note: Spearmen are stronger than red-goblin flagmen. On one-on-one battles, the spearman would win so when the goblins only sent out a flagman, just send out a spearman and it should kill it.


Knights are your bread and butter especially at the first stages of the game. They are strong and can help you push the lane. Their bloodlust ability is to stun the whole lane. This is very useful especially when there are already a lot of units on a certain lane and you need time to regenerate your mana.


Archers are long-ranged units and that’s it. It is very weak even when maxed out and they are also very slow. It’s bloodlust ability is to shoot an arrow that would hit all the goblins on the lane. Sounds tempting right? No. The ability is weak and it will only be useful on the first stages of the game. Don’t bother on buying them.


Flagmen are very fast but they are very weak. It’s bloodlust is to improve the stats of everyone on the lane. Tempted again? Don’t be. Because it walks very fast, it will probably go ahead of your stronger units and get itself killed. Again, don’t bother on buying this.


Wizards are like archers: long-ranged and weak. However, their attack has a splash damage. This might seem useful if you have a lot wizards and other units and hordes of enemies. Actually, the goblins use this strategy. They send out a lot of units with wizards at the back. The goblin wizards kill you with splash damage. Well, I tried doing that too but to no avail. Wizards cost more mana (45 mana, 4 units at most which is not enough)  making that strategy useless.

The bloodlust ability of the wizard creates a sheep at the closest unit and then the sheep explodes damaging all nearby units. Again, don’t be fooled. It is too weak. Don’t buy this unit.


Flailers specialize on defense. This means that it can hit a lot of goblins before it goes down. The flailer is kinda good but its bloodlust put me off. Its bloodlust just throws the enemy and pushes it at the back of the lane. I don’t know if it improves when you max out its ranking (I didn’t try to max it out because throwing the opponent doesn’t help me. Will update once I find out).


Gladiators will serve as your main unit at the final stages of the game. The unit is very strong offensively (in fact, it is the strongest) and can kill most units before it is taken down.

The gladiator’s bloodlust is very useful. It attacks the whole lane and kills most units (again, the red-goblin flailer doesn’t die but is heavily damage). This is extremely helpful when there are a lot of wizards on the lane or when the lane is already full.


Hammerers are melee-attack units but have splash damage. It costs a lot and I find it impractical to buy especially when you have a maxed out gladiator. It’s bloodlust is to hit and stun the whole lane.



Written by Gamebug

Gamebug is a weird guy.

Gamebug is a weird guy.

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    Thanks for the tips! I’ve been looking for tips on strategy and what the other powers/ fighters do. I bought a couple of the shit powers, complete waste of money.

    • Reply Gamebug August 27, 2012 at 3:19 am

      Thanks! 🙂 I hope my guide helped you. If you have any other questions or you would like to have an app reviewed, please feel free to leave me a message/comment 🙂

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