Triple Town Tips and Tricks

Triple Town is an app developed Spry Fox, LLC. It is available for both Android and iOS devices. The objective of the game is to create a ‘city’ but there’s a twist. You are given a piece and you’ll need to have three of those pieces together to turn it into a better piece i.e. 3 grasses = 1 bush, 3 bushes = 1 tree, 3 trees = 1 house. You’ll need careful planning so that you can line up your pieces together.

The game is very addicting so I purchased the unlimited turns IAP for $3.99 (yeah there are turns though you can buy them at the store or earn them through time). You can download Triple Town for Android here and iOS here.


Tips and Tricks

– The last piece that you put will be the place where all the pieces consolidate. You need to keep this in mind so you can plan where you put your pieces.

– You can buy turns at the store for ~900 gold coins

– You can put pieces on the plate and then switch back when you need them. This comes in handy when you have to save a crystal.

– Crystals are wild cards. They can be used to build anything but if they are put in play without any other groups of pieces to be merged, they turn to stone.

– Pieces fused by crystals have different colors but are still the same level as their normal counterparts.

– Churches are the easiest to create because you only need three tombs (from bears) for it. Don’t waste your crystal on fusing them.

– 3 grasses = 1 bush

– 3 bushes = 1 tree

– 3 trees = 1 red houses

– 3 red houses = 1 “bigger house” (dunno what to call it lol)

– 3 “bigger houses” = 1 mansion

– 3 mansions = chest

– 3 graves = 1 church

– 3 churches = 1 “bigger church”

– 3 “bigger churches” = 1 chest

– 3 small stones = 1 bigger stone

– 3 bigger stones = 1 chest

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Gamebug is a weird guy.

Gamebug is a weird guy.

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