Time Crisis 2nd Strike HD

Time Crisis 2nd Strike App review

If you love Time Crisis back in the arcades then you’ll love Time Crisis 2nd Strike HD (TC2HD) on your iOS devices. Well, it’s not exactly the first Time Crisis app (it’s actually the second installment) but the first one does not do well in bringing in the “Time Crisis experience”. This time though, TC2HD has succeeded in that department and it feels nostalgic playing this game.

I was able to get a hand on the free version of the game (where you can only play the games first level) and I instantly loved it. It has a lot of improvements from the last installment. The new UI now shows a row of weapons available at the bottom so you can easily shift from your handgun to shotgun in a snap. The controls have also been rebuilt and there is now a pedal to duck/shoot kinda reminiscent of the arcade games. This is waaay better than tilting your gadget to duck/shoot. Graphics and sounds are still kinda same though but they’re OK, I can live with them. I highly suggest playing this game on the iPad.

I still don’t know if they have added several levels (Time Crisis Strike is way too short). But I guess at $8.99, they have added some. I still need to find out >.<

The Time Crisis 2nd Strike app is developed and published by Namco. It has a free version that allows you to play the first level of the game. The whole game is available for purchase at iTunes for a whopping $8.99.



The game is great and it makes me feel nostalgic. Sadly, at $8.99, the price is too steep (it’s costlier than the usual apps, the current average app price is $1.84!). I don’t know why its priced as such considering the fact that the first installment is only priced at $2.99. It’s really a great app and I’ll make sure to purchase it once they give a price drop. I suggest you do too. I’ll keep you guys posted. 🙂



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Gamebug is a weird guy.

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