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Tesla Wars HD Guide

Tesla Wars HD is an iOS app developed and published by Pavel Tarabrin. It is available in iTunes for $1.99. The game is simple yet quite fun. The game starts with a Tesla Coil at the center and a wall that divides the screen cross-wise. Various enemies attack from both sides and using the Tesla Coil, you zap them. Survive the round and you earn cash that you can use to purchase additional upgrades for your tower. It’s a really fun game and I suggest that you get it.

Tesla Wars HD can be found by clicking here.


Tesla Wars Guide, Tips and Tricks

I’ve played the game for quite some time and here are some random tips and tricks:

– At the first few stages, you won’t be battling a lot of enemies first. I suggest that you just upgrade your energy speed.

– You can attack missiles/firecrackers in the air.

– If you have a low health/energy, try to check first if the health/energy upgrade is cheaper than the refills. If yes, just upgrade your health/energy and it will automatically be refilled!

– Upgrading your tower’s Power does not ¬†seem to do much specially in latter stages. I suggest you keep it at the minimum (or just upgrade it for a few levels) and just use the money to buy and upgrade Death Ray instead.

– The Reflection upgrade does not necessarily mean that your lightning will always bounce. There’s only a very low percentage that it will happen. Nevertheless, it’s still useful in the latter stages but I don’t suggest getting it early in the game.

– You won’t really need all of the upgrades, there are only some that are useful: Health, Energy Speed, Total Energy, Double Lightning, Tower Repair and Death Ray. Aside from these, you won’t really need to use other upgrades.

– Try to max out your Death Ray before reaching Round 50. This would be very helpful as there are just too many enemies in Round 50 and beyond.



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Gamebug is a weird guy.

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