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Horn Walkthrough: Suddene

Suddene is the next town that you’ll enter after finishing Cuthbert. Just like in Cuthbert, you will also be gathering seeds here in order to unlock the seal and go to the next town. Just like in Cuthbert, there used to be a pygon core hack in Suddene. however, after the update, it does not work anymore. All pygon cores on “home areas” have been removed. You can, however, play back a level to get

Horn Walkthrough – The Armory: Fists of Danger and No Blade Sharper

Fists of Danger Upon entry in the Armory, you’ll find a pygon monster. Defeat it and claim all the freebies just like the first time. Proceed to the next section. You’ll then find a cliff and after climbing across, a pygon monster awaits. After defeating it, proceed left to get to the next section. The next section is a checkpoint. On your left side is another smithy entrance (just like in Arktos Likes Beehives). Up

Horn Walkthrough – The Outpost: Arktos Loves Beehives

This stage won’t be available until you’ve finished The Armory: Into the Ruins. This stage is just like Playing with Fire but instead of fire, there is Arktos – the beehive-loving Pygon monster we’ve encountered earlier. Whenever there is a beehive, just shoot it and Arktos would go to where it fell and open up a path. Now don’t forget to collect the pygite chests as well as the pygon core! Be careful of the

Horn Walkthrough: The Outpost

Demolition Upon entry, pygon “birds” will be there so get ready. You should shoot them with the pygon gun that you’ve acquired earlier. When shot, they will turn into real birds and you’ll be rewarded with pygite. On the immediate right of the entrance, there are plants that you can cut which will open a secret passage. In there you will see a chest that contains pygite and a lever. Pull down the lever and