Star Tactics Game Guide, Tips and Tricks

Star Tactics is a turn-based, space , game developed by Devil’s Dozen. Playing it for quite a while, it reminded me of that pen and paper space game where you draw triangular spaceships and you place your pen on the paper vertically and flick it. That sounds very vague but I found this link online and it’s exactly what I meant (lol).

Anyway, on to the game! The game is very simple but quite fun and addicting. It has simple graphics and in fact, it just uses 3D wireframes for the images. It’s graphics may not be like those other space games but it does the job and it does it well.

The objective of the game is quite simple – destroy your opponent. When you start the game in skirmish, you will be given a random set of spaceships placed randomly across the board. You take turns with your opponent trying to take each other out and you win when your opponent has no spaceships left. You gain stars for each match won. These are accumulated and you get promoted after receiving a certain number of stars. Each rank unlocks a new spaceship that can be used in game.

Tips and Tricks

The game can be quite hard on your first try. Usually, when you play skirmish, you’ll notice that you are a bit on the disadvantaged side – your ships are small and your opponent will either have much bigger ships than your or it will have a couple more pieces that it can use. This makes for a fun game as you strategize your way into a victory.

Now for some tips:

  1. Each spaceship has its own unique skill. Use these skills to your advantage! You can access a spaceship’s skill by tapping on the arrow button that you use to pinpoint its movement direction. A ship can’t use a skill on consecutive turns so you should plan accordingly.
  2. Do NOT aim at where your opponent’s ship is currently at. Aim at where he is most likely to go! You can base this on where the ship is currently facing and its abilities (check ship abilities below).
  3. Enemies can only shoot from the front and as such, you should almost, always, never approach them head on. That said, always go for the ship’s rear. Unless you’re confident that your ship can take on the enemy and bring it down in one go.

Ships and Abilities

[Coming Soon]


Star Tactics can be quite an addicting game. If you love space games and you love tactical games, you’ll most likely enjoy playing this game. As far as I know, the game is only available on Android. If you’re interested in getting the game, you can get it here. It’s totally free so why not?

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Written by Chuck Norris

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