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I was browsing the iTunes store for an alternative to the app. I’ve been playing chess using the app for quite a while now but it crashes frequently (the app has a lot of bugs e.g. a certain piece goes to the twilight zone never to be seen again). These crashes have caused me a lot of games and I wish would do something about their app.

These are my reasons why I looked for another chess app and luckily I found Social Chess.

Social Chess is a free iOS app developed and published by Woodchop Software LLC. It’s just like the app (less the vs. PC and Learn Tactics options). It lets you play against real people from all over the world. It is very easy to use and has an intuitive UI. Starting a game is very easy. Just tap the “plus” button on the sidebar and it will take you to the game’s setup where you can choose your opponent’s either by username, ELO rating, or just a random game. Your games are shown on the sidebar (up to 5 if you’re using the free version, up to 40 if premium). The app notifies you when a game has been updated.

The Social Chess app also let’s you create your own profile. On your profile, you can setup your name, age and location. You can also see how many wins, losses, and draws you have in there. You can view anyone’s profile and they can also view yours.



The app is great and I would recommend it to everyone. However there are some things that I wish is in the game. First, I wish that there is an option to set the game’s maximum period per move in minutes (just like the app). Currently, the options are only available in days (the opponent is allowed n number of days to make their move). My second item on the wishlist is the ability to set my random opponent’s minimum and maximum ELO rating (again, just like the app). Currently, the options given are “Similar skill” and “Any skill.”

Overall, the game is good and you should give it a try if you love chess. The app is certainly tapworthy 🙂

Edit: Due to lack of alternative “live” chess apps, I have re-installed Social Chess 🙂 add me up! My username is gamebug 🙂


Written by Gamebug

Gamebug is a weird guy.

Gamebug is a weird guy.

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