Snails vs. Ants HD App Review, Tips and Tricks

Snails vs. Ants HD is a tower defense (TD) game developed and published by Duole. The game uses a freemium model, meaning the game is free but there are also in-game items that can be purchased using real money.

I’ve played some TD games before and I didn’t like all of them. I never liked them and I stayed away from them. That’s until I played Snails vs. Ants. I got addicted to this game and I’ve been playing it for hours now (that’s why I haven’t written any other walkthroughs yet >.<).

I don’t know if this is unique, but Snails vs. Ants doesn’t have a “rail” for enemy ants. You build their path with your towers and I think this is great. Also, the game’s graphics are good too. I just don’t know about the sounds though (i played it muted). I believe that these characteristics help make Snails vs Ants a great app.


Tips & Tricks

The game is quite challenging and honestly, I thought that this app is just like any other freemium app: you need to purchase items for you to finish the game. I thought wrong. I was able to finish the normal difficulty of the game without buying anything (OK you can call me noob). I don’t know about the difficult mode though.

OK, here are some of my tips on playing Snails vs. Ants 🙂


– Basic Snail: It is the first tower in your arsenal, it’s worth 5 coins. Upgrade costs 4 coins

– Sticky Snail: The second tower available, it shoots sticky goo that slows down your enemies. Costs 10 gold coins and 5 gold coins to upgrade

– Long-range Snail: The third tower available, it has the 2nd largest range in all of your towers. Costs 20 gold coins and 15 to upgrade

– Fire Snail: Breathes fire, costs 50 gold and 40 to upgrade.

– Electric Snail: Electrocutes enemy snails. Costs 70 gold and 50 to upgrade.

– Volcano Snail: Most powerful and also has the longest range in all of your towers. Costs 120 gold coins and 90 to upgrade

General Tips

– For each entrance, start only with 4 basic snails and 2 sticky snails and upgrade them to max level ASAP. This should hold off the first  10-15 levels. Add a long-range snail if needed (just for good measure). If all goes well, proceed on buying a volcano snail right away and upgrade it asap.

– Some ants walk faster than others, try to place some long-range snails and sticky snails near your base.

– Sticky snails are your best friends, try to place them all over the area with a ratio of 4:1 (5:1 would do)

– Beware about flying enemies! They only fly on a straight path directly to your base. Place a bunch of snails on that path preferably in this manner: 1 sticky snail, 2 fire/electric snails (placed near the path) , 2 long-range snails (placed on the outer path, they have a wide-range which)

– Build your towers in such a way that ants will pass them twice (kinda like a zigzag pattern, it depends on the map).

– If you’ve built your defense well enough, walking enemy ants won’t be able to go near 5-6 lanes of your base. Use these 5 to 6 lanes to block the center path to your base. On the last few stages of the game (unless you’re playing endless), there will be a bunch of flying, hard-to-kill enemies. Also, level 100 will pit you against the Ant king: a flying-type and high-HP guy.



Snails vs. Ants is a very addicting game. And it’s totally free! It sure is worth the download. I also think that the in-game item “Assets” (available for $9.99), which doubles the coins you get per ants killed, is worth buying. I love this app and I would suggest this game to everyone!

Written by Gamebug

Gamebug is a weird guy.

Gamebug is a weird guy.

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