Running Dead

Running Dead App Review

Running Dead is a free app developed and published by Cleverson. This game falls on the genre of “how far can you go” games just like Temple Run.

I’d say that this game is like Mutant Roadkill only that you’re walking instead of riding on a car. You also have weapons that you can use to kill zombies and obstacles are also present in your way (e.g. houses). The only thing that is different is that Running Dead is a purely straight path game. No turning left or right, you only go forward. You enter houses, overcome blockades in a straight path. And also, you have a limited amount of ammo.

Actually, I think it is an OK game. However, I think that it can be made even better. I suggest that they make the world “free-to-roam” just like in Gears and Guts. The world doesn’t have to be that extensive, just allow us to roam the area and go wherever we want. I’ve actually been dreaming of an app that would let you roam the “zombie world” on foot. If they can apply this, I bet that this app will be on the top charts.



If you love zombie games, then I suggest that you take a look at this app. Running Dead is a good game but I think that if they apply my suggestions above, it will be an even better app.


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Gamebug is a weird guy.

Gamebug is a weird guy.

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