Plague Inc. Strategy Guide

Plague Inc. is a new app developed by Ndemic Creations. It is a strategy game where you try to kill every individual on earth using a pathogen. You have to evolve the pathogen’s different characteristics strategically depending on the pathogen’s characteristics and in-game events. If you’ve done it right, you’ll be able to destroy the human race.

Here is my guide on beating the game. Hope this helps. 🙂


This is the first pathogen that you’ll be developing and is probably the easiest to figure out. Basically, what you would want to do is to infect the whole world first (there will be a prompt that no healthy person is left) and then kill them all. To do this, we must first evolve and improve the transmission of the pathogen. Note that your bacteria randomly mutates and evolves symptoms without using DNA points. When this happens, devolve the symptom right away. Symptoms will  make the world notice your bacteria and they will device a cure right away. Devolving symptoms will also give you two points. When you’ve infected the world, you can now proceed on improving the bacteria’s lethality. This will kill people faster than the can device a cure and you win the round.

So basically, here’s what you need to do:

  • Choose a country with both water and air transmission lines.
  • Improve basic level of air and water transmissions first to infect more countries. 
  • improve the bacteria’s abilities. I suggest you evolve first Drug Resistance and Genetic Hardening.
  • Devolve any mutations on symptoms. Evolve all transmission levels (basic would do).
  • Save DNA points
  • When everyone is infected, devolve all transmission levels.
  • Wait for a mutation on symptoms and evolve lethal symptoms from there.
  • Save up at least 30 DNA points just in case so you can slow down the development of a cure.



Viruses are kinda different from bacteria as they mutate faster and will be noticed easily.  Moreover, improving transmission levels also increases the chances of the virus mutating. The bad news is, devolving your virus cost 5 DNA points. This means that our strategy on bacteria won’t work with viruses – we cannot infect the whole world first and then mutate deadly symptoms. So, our strategy would be to create a virus that can easily be transmitted and that is very lethal. Note that we don’t want the virus to be too lethal and kill all the hosts before infecting the whole world.

Here’s how you do it:

  • Choose a country that would most likely lead the research for the cure. That country should also have air and water transmission lines. e.g. USA
  • Your first country will most likely be a city so you should develop Rodent transmissions first followed by air and water.
  • Improve the ability of the virus to mutate by at least two levels. This will help hasten the mutation of the virus.
  • Evolve all levels of transmissions.  Evolve cold resistance to easily infect Greenland and Iceland (they are the most difficult to infect).
  • Save at least 40 DNA points. This will be used in devolving the virus if it becomes too deadly.



Fungus is almost the same as with the bacteria. The only difference is that it is very hard to transmit to far places. So basically, we will also employ our strategy of infecting the world first before evolving deadly symptoms and killing everyone.

Here’s how it goes:

  • You can choose any country as a starting point (but I would suggest Greenland as it is very hard to infect based on experience)
  • Evolve all levels on the ability to transmit spores. Note that this is an ability and can be found on the ability tab. Due to this ability, you don’t need to improve your pathogen’s air and water transmission lines. You will only need to improve livestock transmission to improve inter-individual transmission.
  • Evolve opposite climate resistance. If you started on a hot country, evolve your cold climate resistance and vice versa.
  • Again, devolve all symptom mutations until everyone is infected.
  • Devolve spore transmission and mutate deadly symptoms.



Parasites are a lot like bacteria except that they can easily get noticed even without symptoms. However, parasites have the ability named “symbiosis” which helps it sync its DNA with the host and avoid detection. The strategy to be used here is also the same as that of the bacteria but you will have to improve all levels of symbiosis first.

  • Choose a country with water and air transmission lines
  • Max out all levels of the symbiosis ability to avoid being detected
  • Improve transmission (basic levels would do). Devolve any symptom mutations
  • If the whole world is already infected, mutate deadly symptoms.



Prion is said to be harder notice and cure. It has the ability “Neural Atrophy” which causes neural breakdown and makes complex tasks (such as research) harder to do – basically, making it harder to cure. However, I tried maxing out the Neural Atrophy ability to see if I can finish the level without infecting all individuals first. I thought that with the ability maxed out plus maxed out genetic hardening and drug resistance, I’ll be able to finish the game. It didn’t happen. So we’ll just stick with the old strategy of infecting the world first before killing everybody.



The nanovirus is a lot harder than the previous pathogens. It gets noticed right after the first infection which means that the cure is being developed right at the start of the game. It’s basically a race between you killing everyone and the cure being developed. You can slow down the cure by evolving the abilities of the nanovirus. You can then proceed on improving the infectivity of the nanovirus.

  • Choose a country that has both air and water transmission lines
  • Improve insomnia and paranoia symptoms (they’re free!)
  • Improve the abilities of the nanovirus in the following order: Code fragment interception -> Code fragment interception -> Radical elements stabilised -> Encryption breached
  • Proceed on improving air, water, and bird transmissions followed by the other transmission modes
  • Evolve low level symptoms, they also reduce development of cure
  • Max out about two transmission modes depending on which countries are not yet
  • Max out about two transmission modes depending on which countries are not yet fully infected.
  • Evolve lethal symptoms



Bioweapons become lethal overtime and  it’s not because of the mutated symptoms. It is the innate ability of the pathogen to become lethal overtime and you have to supress it before it kills all the hosts.

  • Choose a country that will most likely lead the research (e.g. USA or any European country)
  • Max out the Gene Compression ability and the Deactivate Modified Genes ability as soon as possible.
  • Improve all modes of transmission (basic levels would do)
  • When everyone is infected, devolve both Gene Compression, Deactivate Modified Genes, and all transmission modes.
  • Evolve lethal symptoms as well as Genetic Hardening and Drug Resistance


Other notes:

  • Greenland and Iceland are the hardest to infect. They can only infected by improving water transmission and improving cold resistance
  • Watch out for the news. They contain information that can be helpful.
  • Always improve Drug Resistance and Genetic Hardening. They slow down the development of a cure.

Written by Gamebug

Gamebug is a weird guy.

Gamebug is a weird guy.

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