Outfolded Review

Outfolded is a puzzle game developed by 3 Sprockets, the same developers that made the games Cubemen and Pac Man 256. The game’s objective is simple: you need to reach the target box destination by unfolding the polygons that would be given to you.

During the start of each level, you will be given three polygons to begin with. You can then select one and try to reach the target box by unfolding it. Beware though as when you are unfolding a polygon, you can only unfold the parts that are connected i.e. if you have two opposite sides of the polygon without connecting or adjacent parts, you won’t be able to unfold it any longer. The last face unfolded will be the new starting box of your next polygon. Polygons come in various shapes and sizes making it a bit tricky to reach your destination. There are also holes that makes the game far moore challenging. Note that if you made a mistake, you can simply press the undo button. Hold it for one second and you will reset the whole level. This negates any challenges of the game as you can just undo things every time.

The game has stunning visuals with its minimalistic art. It also had awesome music and soundtracks. This makes a bit reminiscent of the game Monument Valley. However, this does not save it from becoming a tad boring. This is mainly caused by the infinite undo and lack of penalties when you fail to reach your destination. The game becomes a lot more easier taking the challenge away and the point of it as a puzzle game. It can be entertaining at first but this wears off soon enough.

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Gamebug is a weird guy.

Gamebug is a weird guy.

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