Ninpo Slash

Ninpo Slash App Review, Tips and Tricks

Ninpo Slash is an app developed and published by One Global Apps. It is available for free, though upgrades can be bought in-game using cash.


Tips and Tricks

The game was a bit hard to understand at first so I guess some tips would prove to be helpful. Here are some to get you going.

– Double-tapping the screen will make your character go to that destination immediately.

– You can only tap at three places in the map before your character stops moving. That said, you should use the first two taps to attack enemies (attack only two enemies per move)

– In relation to the previous tip, use the last tap to go to a place in the map where there are no enemies i.e. if you’re starting from the top-left of the screen, tap on two enemies and then the last tap should be on the lower-right of the map (unless of course, there are enemies ¬†there). But you get the point. The last tap should be for escaping enemies.

– No need to bother with upgrades. They are expensive in the first place (costs you real money).



Ninpo Slash is a good game. However, I wish there can be more moves that you can do. I think the developers became a bit greedy, charging every upgrade with a dollar. Nevertheless, the base game is free and is quite fun. It also has good graphics and great sounds. I suggest this game just to keep the boredom away.

Written by Gamebug

Gamebug is a weird guy.

Gamebug is a weird guy.

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