NBA 2k13 App Goes Live

The second installment to the popular hoops app just got released. NBA 2k13 went live yesterday (Oct. 3) for both Android and iOS devices. NBA 2k13

NBA 2k13 builds on the solid performance of its predecessor. It kinda feels the same with NBA 2k12 (with updated roster) but with a couple of new added features. This year, you’ll be able to play some sort of “Dynasty Mode” as you can now play through multiple seasons. You’ll also be able to relieve historic NBA moments with the “NBA Greatest Moments” mode. Presentation is also great especially with JayZ on the fold and controls are also improved.

Last and probably the best of all the new features, updated rosters! (lol) This year’s NBA offseason has seen huge player movements which  makes this year’s NBA season very exciting and fans are full of anticipation. This excitement translates to basketball videogames. I’d say that even without the other new features, NBA 2k13 will still be worth the download. Who wouldn’t want to play using the Lakers or the Heat or the Unibrow?

Well maybe 2k can just release an updated roster patch for 2k12. 🙂

Overall, the game looks and sounds all good. However, the current release has seen its fair share of issues. The NBA 2k13 app is known to crash at times, doesn’t have iPhone 5 support and also multiplayer-mode is laggy. Aside from this, the app is great though I wish that they’ve added a My Player/My Career mode.

NBA 2k13 is available at $7.99 from Google Play and iTunes.


Written by Gamebug

Gamebug is a weird guy.

Gamebug is a weird guy.

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