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LuberPlayer Lite is Probably the Best Free Media Player App

Edit: If you haven’t updated the app yet, DO NOT update! It will make an ad appear at the center of the screen every now and then. Even though it goes away after some time, it can be quite annoying. You can close the app though for it to go away.

Finally! After months of looking for the best free media player (ever since Flex:Player went down), I’ve finally found one! I’ve just downloaded the LuberPlayer Lite app and after playing with it for a while, I can say that it is probably the best free media player app.

I’ve tried quite a number of other media player apps and all of them failed. Basically, the media player app I’m looking for should have support for subtitles, can play a number of media file types, great hi-speed scrubbing, and of course free and no ads 🙂 The usual problem for most of the free apps I’ve tried are ads and hi-speed scrubbing.

I can’t recall all of them but here are some of the apps I’ve tried include:

– MoliPlayer (issues with scrubbing)

– OPlayer HD Lite

– ViPlay Lite (this looked promising until I learned that the free version can only have 3 playable files in it, that is, you can have 5 media files inside the app but you can only have three that can actually be played. Also, it can’t play .3gp files)

– eXPlayer Lite

– VM Player HD Lite

– Peregrine Video Player

– Yxplayer HD Lite

– Indium


LuberPlayerHD Lite – The Best Free Media Player

Yep, I think this is probably the best free media player out there as it passed on all of my requirements. It supports subtitles, numerous media file types (I’ve tried .3gp, .rmvb, .avi, .mp4), and it doesn’t have ads. Other features include playlist creation. media streaming and downloading, and a browser. It doesn’t have the greatest UI, but it’s good enough. Overall, this app is great and I love it! I would recommend it to everyone!


Written by Gamebug

Gamebug is a weird guy.

Gamebug is a weird guy.

  1. Reply What’s the Best Free Media Player App? – MoliPlayer HD vs. iMediaPlayer vs. FlexPlayer vs. VM Player Lite November 16, 2012 at 5:03 am

    […] find what I call the best FREE media player app – LuberPlayer HD Lite! You can read about it here. Well, if you have other suggestions, please leave them in the comments […]

  2. Reply Leah November 19, 2012 at 8:58 pm

    I noticed that you hadn’t mentioned the RealPlayer app above I found it extremely easy to navigate. Essentially it’s an all-in-one-player for music, video, and photos complete with the ability to share your favorite media. This was also a free app however they do offer an advanced version for pay. Give it a look.

    • Reply Vinnie December 18, 2012 at 12:52 pm

      Ipad is not Android!

  3. Reply Willy Villa Shonner March 29, 2013 at 3:49 pm

    I find this application very annoying as it displays a message in the middle of the screen almost all the time to force you to buy the full version. There are plenty of FREE ones that don’t do this so I do not recommend it.

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