Infinitode Tips and Tricks

Infinitode is a tower-defense game made by Prineside/Sakhno. It’s a really fun game to play and I’ve compiled a couple of tips for those who love playing it.

The graphics are simple as it uses basic polygons for its towers and enemies but still looks really good. There’s really not much music but the sounds of towers firing (especially the Blast) can be mesmerizing. Anyway, this is really a cool and addicting game especially for tower-defense lovers and it’s free so I suggest you get it. It is available for iOS (get it here) and Android (get it here).

I may not be as good as other players but here are some tips to help others out especially newbies to the game. If you have any other tips, let me know in the comments!


Tips and Tricks

  1. When starting a game, place all your towers first near the entrance (where the enemies come from). After that, set the Wave Delay to Auto so the next wave comes out as soon as possible. This will get you 7-15 coins per wave easily as there’s a bonus for early waves. Do this for the first 10 waves and you get yourself a hefty bonus coins early.
  2. [If you are new to the game] When buying upgrades (from the store in the Main Menu, not in game), try to buy upgrades that increase the Max Level of the Tower and Max Level of the in-game upgrades first (up to level 5 at first, 7 if you can stretch your cash out). After that, go for lowering the cost of in-game upgrades and tower costs first. You can buy the other upgrades later when you’ve played more of the game.
  3. Splash tower is probably the least useful tower in the game. It is not super effective against other enemies and it doesn’t have any enemy effect whatsoever (e.g. slow,stun). It shoots projectiles all-over the place though but at a low accuracy (you increase it with in-game upgrades). It also has a low base damage.
  4. Minigun tower is the best for bosses (they are also useful for those Bonus Stars). Make sure to place them properly on inner corners of a curve so it has the best reach. It is slow at firing bullets at first as it needs to charge up first. This wait time reduces with experience so I place them early in the game when its possible (usually when my first several towers can hold the enemies at around waves 10-15). They can also hit Air/Flying enemies.
  5. Teslas, even though only 75% effective against those Green Circles (they are the most often enemy wave), are one of the most useful towers in-game. It can shoot air enemies and it has an attack that bounces on each enemy. Even though it’s firing rate and turning rate are slow, it deals a lot of damages. Place them early so they level up early. Each tower level increases the number of bounces of its attack.
  6. Cannon, Blast, and Tesla towers are probably the top 3 towers that deals the most damage when maxed out.
  7. I always lump Basic, Cannon, and Multishot together as they cover each other’s weaknesses for the most common enemies. Early in-game, I upgrade the Basic tower to at least level 5 upgrades. After that I try to upgrade the Multishot and Cannon to level 3 upgrades.
  8. For target enemy tower, there are four priorities/settings: First, Strong, Weak, and Random. Near the base, you obviously use First. Very early in-game, I also use First most. After that, I set the default to Random as I tend to forget to set this up for each tower throughout the game.


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Written by Chuck Norris

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