Horn Walkthrough: The Outpost


Upon entry, pygon “birds” will be there so get ready. You should shoot them with the pygon gun that you’ve acquired earlier. When shot, they will turn into real birds and you’ll be rewarded with pygite. On the immediate right of the entrance, there are plants that you can cut which will open a secret passage. In there you will see a chest that contains pygite and a lever. Pull down the lever and it will half-open a steel door a bit further in the path. After opening the chest, go back to the main path. Follow it and you’ll face a pygon monster.

After defeating the pygon monster, follow the path and you will see a steel door. On it’s left is a house. Look up and you’ll see a grapple target. Shoot it with your pygon gun and you’ll be taken up. Up there, you’ll see a chest and a lever. Collect the chest and move the lever. This will lower the steel fence earlier.

Go through the steel door earlier. Follow the path and you’ll face a pygon monster. Defeat it and afterward, blow the horn in the area. A path will open.

Follow the path. It will lead you to a four-legged pygon. Defeat and follow the trail. You will then see a steel gate.Open it and then you’ll find another four-legged pygon. After defeating it, walk a bit and you’ll see a cave to thenext section. Don’t go in just yet. To it’s left is a cliff where you’ll find a pygoid named Billian. To the right is a house where you’ll need your grappling hook to go up. Up the house, a chest of pygite can be claimed.

Upon entry o the next section, there will be a house that you can climb. Upstairs, you’ll be able to see a pygon core that you can get by hitting it with your pygon gun. (you can also opt not to go up the house if you can see it from below). After getting it, you can slide to the next section through the side of the house. It will lead you to a pygon monster. After defeating it, you’ll find the journal of Song of Ruin. You’ll also see a horn that would destroy the house on the other side and open up a path. Follow the path and it will lead you to the boss pygon monster. Defeat and you’ll receive a seed needed to open the seal. After receiving the seed, you’ll then be brought back to Cuthbert.


Playing with Fire

Go back to the path going back to the outpost though this time, choose the center option. When you’re back there, go and get the chests located earlier. Afterwards, go at the side of the fire opposite the brambles blocking the way (a mark on the ground at the side of the fire can be seen). Then shoot at the brambles with your pygon gun. It will then catch fire and you’ll be able to go through. On the other side of the river, you’ll find the journal of The Outpost. A cave to the next section can also be seen.

On the next section, follow the path and collect the pygites. You’ll then see some ruins. In the ruins, there is a horn which upon blowing, will get you a chest. There is also a house that you can go up to. Go back to the open field (left side of the ruins) and there you’ll see a small cave. Go to the cave and there you’ll get a weapon blueprint. Then go back to the field. Search the sky for a pygon core. Hit it with your gun.

To go to the next section, go back to the area before the cave. There you’ll see a zip line leading you to the next section. The next section is a house. Go to the second floor and there you’ll find fire. Use this to burn the brambles on the opposite side. You’ll then find yourself outside.

Outside, you’ll see a pygon monster. Defeat it and then you’ll see a zip line and a fire. Position yourself behind the fire and shoot at the camp fire on the other side. Use the zipline to go the other side and there you’ll get another pygoid named Ze-o-ea. Also, there is a cave coved in brambles and also a house. At the side of the house, a pygon core can be found floating. Then position yourself behind the fire. Shoot at the brambles on the opposite side and it will open the entrance to the next section. Use your pygon gun to go back to the other side. Follow the trail and it will lead you to another zip line that will lead to the entrance you’ve opened.

Once you’ve entered the entrance, you’ll see another seed. Once you get it, a pygon bird will take it and you’ll have to kill it. No need to worry because this one’s a piece of cake.

Edit: The walkthrough on The Outpost: Arktos Loves Beehives can be found here.


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Gamebug is a weird guy.

Gamebug is a weird guy.

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