Horn Walkthrough – The Outpost: Arktos Loves Beehives

This stage won’t be available until you’ve finished The Armory: Into the Ruins.

This stage is just like Playing with Fire but instead of fire, there is Arktos – the beehive-loving Pygon monster we’ve encountered earlier. Whenever there is a beehive, just shoot it and Arktos would go to where it fell and open up a path. Now don’t forget to collect the pygite chests as well as the pygon core!

Be careful of the first pygon monster that you’ll encounter because unlike other monsters before, this one breathes fire. After defeating it, you’ll see a new entrance that can be found on the left side of the area. Go there to see the next section.

On the next section, there will be a cliff. After jumping across, you’ll encounter another pygon monster. After slaying it, you’ll see Arktos and another beehive. No need to shoot it at the moment because it will just fall off the cliff. To go to the next section, go near the blockade and remove the grass on its left side. It will lead you to the other side of the blockade. Once there, you will see a trumpet. Sound it and it will destroy the blockade. You can now shoot the beehive. It will roll near Arktos and he will move towards the beehive, opening the path to the next section.

On the next section, there will be another cliff and another pygon monster on the other side. After defeating the monster, you’ll see a single pygite. This marks the entrance to a cellar. Go in there and you’ll find a pygite chest. Once collected, you can go back again outside. Once outside, you’ll find a stair and then a platform. Climb the platform and you’ll find a house in front of you and a cave on the left. Collect the pygites on the house and then proceed to the next section by going through the cave.

Upon entry to the next section, you’ll see another entrance right away (above it, the decoration looks like a lock or something). That entrance leads to another smithy where you can create equipments using lesser amounts of pygite. There is also another fountain statue in there that heals.  You’ll also see another camp fire. Light the other fire spots just like in Playing with Fire. Hit the beehive and Arktos would move away so you can set the other fire spot on fire. There will then be a cliff.

On the other side of the cliff, the road diverges to two paths. Go to the left path first and go near the fire camp. You’ll see brambles. Shoot it with fire. On the right side of the brambles, there is a pygon core! Don’t forget to claim it! You can now go to the path that has just opened. There is a pygite chest near the entrance. Don’t forget to open it.

On the next section, go down the first set of stairs. You’ll find a pygite chest. Go down the next set of stairs to find a trumpet. Sound it and it will open up a section on the castle(?). On your back, there is a cave that has some pygites. Down the field you’ll fight another pygon monster. After defeating it, look up to the place opened up by the trumpet sound. There will be a sign that shows you where to aim your pygon gun. This will pull you up there and you’ll be able to enter the castle.

Once inside, go down and explore the left side of the castle. You’ll find a lever that will open up a grappling hook sign to the right side’s platform. Go there (right-side platform) and hit the other fire pots with fire – the one on the other side where you came from and the one near the steel door. Go down and climb the left-side platform. Hit the other fire pot near the door and the door should open. Go through the door to go to the next section.

On the next section, you’’ll find a trumpet and the seed. However, you won’t be able to use the trumpet just yet. Go downstairs and you’ll find a trumpet that will teach you the song of summoning. After learning it, back to the trumpet and use it. This will summon three pygon turtles that will help you get across the river. Go and claim the seed.

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Gamebug is a weird guy.

Gamebug is a weird guy.

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