Horn Walkthrough: The Armory

Into the Ruins

Upon entry to the Armory, you’ll see a pygon moster carrying the seed. It will then go away. Don’t follow it just yet. To the left of the road (where the pygon monster came from)  there is a cliff. Down the cliff, you’ll find a pygoid named Davlid. Claim the pygoid and then follow the pygon monster to the next section.

On the next section, there will be a pygon monster. defeat it and on its left you’ll be able to claim a chest. Further on the road, you’ll see the pygon monster from earlier and a “bee hive.” Hit the bee hive with your pygon gun and the monster will go closer to the hive that fell. This will open a path to the next section.

Again, the next section will pit you against a pygon monster. Explore the area and you’ll see a chest as well as another pygoid named Timmim. Look up and you’ll see an extremely large pygon monster. On its right side is a pygon core. Hit it with your gun to claim it.

To go to the next level, you should lit all the fire camps. There are four in total. The two fire camps are obvious. To see the third one, go to the second fire camp with you facing the pygon monster. You’ll see the third one directly below the monster. Light the third one and climb the levels to get there.  The fourth fire camp is on the above-right of the steel door. Light it up and the door will open.

On the next section, you’ll fight another pygon. After defeating it, you’ll be able to get a chest and a journal – Berthold Cuthbert’s Memoirs: The Armory.

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Written by Gamebug

Gamebug is a weird guy.

Gamebug is a weird guy.

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