Horn Walkthrough: Suddene

Suddene is the next town that you’ll enter after finishing Cuthbert. Just like in Cuthbert, you will also be gathering seeds here in order to unlock the seal and go to the next town.

Just like in Cuthbert, there used to be a pygon core hack in Suddene. however, after the update, it does not work anymore. All pygon cores on “home areas” have been removed. You can, however, play back a level to get pygon cores.
Note: Golden Pygon
Traveling back to Cuthbert will unlock the Golden Pygon
The Sand Temples: Sleeping Giants
At the start of the level, you’ll encounter a sleeping pygon that blocks the way. In order to wake it up and fight it, you must blow the trumpet. This goes forall the other pygons in the level. After defeating it, proceed to the next area by going to the cave found on the left route.
Edit: You’ll also find a pygon core in this area. It can be found on the far side of the flying pygon. It’s easy to get and it’s at the start of the stage so it’s a good idea to milk this pygon core.
The pygon core can be seen from afar.
The next area shouldn’t be that hard. Just follow the path that will lead you to an enclosed space with a sleeping pygon. In that space, you’ll find a journal and a cave covered with some plants. Clear the plants and go inside the cave to find the trumpet that will wake up the sleeping pygon. Defeat the pygon and proceed to the next area.
The next area will also be quite easy. You’ll be using flames to clear things up and open the area to the trumpet. This will wake up a pygon. Defeat it and hit the lever located on the ledge to open the door to the next area.
On the next area, you’ll find a pygon turtle that you will use to travel through the river. You must shoot the beehives to make it move. When you make it to the land, you’ll find two pygons that will form a zipline. After using the zipline, you’ll see another pygon core on the right side. Then, proceed to the next area.
The pygon core cn be found on the right side.
The next area will pit you with several more sleeping pygons. These pygons hold some sort of gear that you need. Defeat the first pygon and put the gear on any of the two lower blank places in the mechanism found on the second floor and then hit the lever. It will open up a door where you’ll find another sleeping pygon. Defeat it and use the gear on the other lower blank gear space. It will open up another door with another pygon. Defeat it and claim your third gear.
Note: On the second level of the structure, you’ll see a pygon core directly outside the middle window.
A pygon core can also be found at the second floor.
When you’ve claimed the third gear, go back to the machine and tap on the gears you’ve just placed to get them back. Place all of the three gears on the blank spaces on the left side and use the lever. It will open up the third floor where you’ll fight a pygon monster holding the seed.
The scorpion king awaits!



The Sand Temples: Secrets in the Sand

The next level is still in the Sand Temples so you should be able to see a pygon core as you enter the stage (as mentioned above). Unlike the previous stage though, you’ll be going to the right path which was covered by brambles earlier. Use the fire to burn the brambles to get to the next area.

The next area will start with a cutscene showing a “coin” that split in three. You’ll need the three parts to open the gate leading to the next area. The first part of the coin is guarded by the pygon in the entry area. The second part can be found by going down the first flight of stairs. Once on the “first level” you’ll see a cave and another set of stairs that will to a “second floor.” There you’ll find the second part of the coin and also a journal about the Kimquat pygoids. You’ll find the third part of the coin in the cave mentioned earlier. Now that you’ve collected all three, proceed to the next section by placing the coin on its original position (just go there and it should be done).


A pygon core can be found on the right after entry to the area.

Edit: I found a bug that removes the pygon monster in the entry area. First, I collected the other parts of the coin: the one on the “second floor” and then the one on the cave. When I went back to fight the pygon monster, it was gone!


A journal and a piece of the coin on the second level of the cave

Upon entry to the next area, you’ll see another pygon core at the top of the monument on the right. After claiming it, proceed to the opposite platform and hit the lever to open the gate to the next area. (You may also want to wander around the area, there are chests and caves there).

A pygon core!

The next area opens with another pygon monster. After defeating it, you’ll find a smithy on the right (where you can heal and buy stuff). To go to the next area just follow the path, it will lead to a cave and along the way you’ll find another journal. The cave leads to an open space leading to the next area.

In the next area, you’ll find a pygon waiting for you. Defeat it and then go to the far side of the area (the one at the back of the pygon). There you’ll find a cave and a pygon core floating on your left. To cross the river, go up to the second floor using your grappling hook. Sound the trumpet to call the pygon turtle and hit the beehive to make it move. You can now hop towards the other side. First clean up the plants near the statue and then move the lever to open the gate to the next area.

…and another one!

The next area will send you to a familiar structure (it’s the last part of the sleeping giants level). To open steel doors, you’ll need to strike gears on the statues located on each floor. On the first floor, you’ll see one of the said statue. Hit it to open the gate to the second floor. On the second gate, you’ll find another one. Hit it once to open the steel door in front. Go to that place and follow the path where you’ll see the brambles across and the pot of fire. Hit the brambles with fire and then proceed back to the statue. Hit it once more to open the second gate. The opened gate will reveal another pygon monster. Defeat it and look through the window in the middle. You’ll see a pygon core, claim it and then proceed to the third level.

On the third level, you’ll see the pygon seed. In order to get it, you need to make the statues face each other. To do this, hit the lever on the right statue once. Then go to the left statue and hit it twice. Then go to the third statue and hit it once. This will unlock the pygon seed.

All three statues must face the seed to unlock it

Written by Gamebug

Gamebug is a weird guy.

Gamebug is a weird guy.