Horn: Cuthbert Colossus Walkthrough

Hello again! It’s been a while since I’ve written a walkthrough on Horn. I’ve been kinda busy playing the very awesome game of Galaxy on Fire 2 (yup, I’ve just tried it >.<). OK then, here is my guide on Horn: Cuthbert Colossus.

The level Cuthbert Colossus opens when you’ve finished collecting the six seeds and you’ve opened the seal. When you enter the stage, you’ll see a very huge pygon monster and you need to follow it.¬†This level has a pretty linear path actually. You just need to follow the path. However, you might not notice some of the goodies in the are so here they are:

– A pygon core can be seen on a structure in the area of the second pygon monster you’ll face.

– After defeating the 2nd pygon monster, you’ll enter a new section. Upon entry, you can find a pygon core on a window on the left wall. You’ll also find another pygoid.

There are only three pygon monsters in this level. The first two are normal pygons while the third one is the huge pygon you were following. Beware of him! He has tons of HP and causes a great deal of damage too. His special attack (the one where the jump icon shows up) causes around 100 HP damage.

After defeating the huge pygon, he will turn to a normal person – Chief Pudding. A cutscene will occur and he will tell you stuff about the curse and that you need to sound the Song of the Ancient World and get help from the Great Wise One. You will then see yourself on the next section.

On the next section, you’ll see a stream and our friendly pygon, Arktos. Go to the other side of the stream, where you’ll learn the Song of the Ancient World. After learning it, shoot the beehive near Arktos. It will fall off but a pygon bird will get it. Go to the lever near the steel door (at the area behind Arktos). This will light a fire near the entrance. Use this to light the second beacon near the trumpet and then use that beacon to remove the brambles on where the pygon bird is hiding. A cutscene will occur and you’ll now be able to sound the trumpet. After using the trumpet, another cutscene will occur. A pygon monster will appear near the steel door and you must defeat it to get through. Upon entry, a cutscene will occur revealing that restoring Chieftain Pudding also restored the whole of Cuthbert to normal people. You will then set out and go to Suddene.

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Gamebug is a weird guy.

Gamebug is a weird guy.

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