Horn App Review, Tips and Tricks

Horn is an RPG game developed bu Phosphor Games and published by Zynga. It costs $6.99 and is available for iOS devices as of this writing. Phosphor Games is looking to make it available to Android devices sometime soon. The game is powered by Unreal Engine, the same engine used by the Infinity Blade series.

Horn kinda shares the same gameplay with Infinity Blade. The only difference is that Horn doesn’t follow a defined path or rail, meaning that you can go wherever you want to go. You can explore the world, find hidden passages and do anything you want. Also, the storyline does not loop which makes Horn a very awesome and interesting app.

The graphics and sounds are great too! The only thing I hate about Horn is that when you pause playing the game, and by that I mean when you go to the home button, do something else or just put down your gadget for a moment, the game closes and it restarts to the intro screen. Yes, the game data is still saved but it is kinda annoying when you’re already halfway through the stage and you pause to do something else and when you play again, your back in the intro. Hopefully, updates can fix this.


Tips and Tricks

I’ll be writing a walkthrough for each mission/stages so please watch for it 🙂 Right now, here are some tips I have to offer.

– Watch out for pygon birds and hit them with your pygon gun. They give you around 80-90 pygites.

– Pygon cores are located around the game and you should be observant about the surrounding. The walkthroughs that I’ll be writing will tell where some of them are.

Note: You can easily stack up on pygon cores. They don’t vanish on levels so you can replay these levels and claim them again. Also, there is a pygon core in Cuthbert (located on a building near the Smithy). You can hit pause, go back home by tapping Cuthbert and claim it every time. This trick works even if you’re already in Cuthbert! Don’t worry if the game says abandon changes. That’s okay.

Edit: The latest Horn update has deleted all pygon cores found on “home” towns. 

When facing the Smithy, the building is on the left side just next to the stairs. Up top is a Pygon Core!

– Pygon Cores can also be received by killing Pygon Monsters. However, they only give one per monster. After you’ve completed the two Outpost levels, another gate will open that will lead you to the Magic Forest: The Deadly Shrine. The place is like a bonus level and each monster there gives 2 pygon cores.



The game is worth the cost and is extremely fun to play. Aside from the glitch that I’ve stated earlier, the game is very well-made. I would recommend this app especially to those who love RPG games. This game is tapworthy!

Written by Gamebug

Gamebug is a weird guy.

Gamebug is a weird guy.

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