Gears & Guts Review, Tips and Tricks

Gears & Guts is another freemium app from Glu Games Inc. The game revolves around the idea of running over zombies and killing them. It may sound like Zombie Highway or Mutant Roadkill but unlike these apps (where you’re in some sort of a rail and you can only go left/right), Gears & Guts lets you have free control over your car! You can go wherever you want!  That, to me, is an awesome idea and I’ve been looking for an app that’ll let you do just that.

The game is fun and extremely original (it’s gameplay, I believe, is the first of its kind) until you hit the potential roadblock of needing to buy in-game items for you to progress further in the game. Powerful cars and items are expensive. I wish that Glu Games would stop creating freemium apps and just let us pay upfront and enjoy the game fully.


Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips to help you in playing this game. They may not be that many, but still they’d be of some help.

  • Don’t forget to upgrade. Upgrading your car as well as your weapons make them more powerful. Use those lower-powered weapons to upgrade your current weapon.
  • When choosing your weapon turret, prioritize rate of fire rather than power. You can upgrade it in the future to make it deal more damage. As far as I know, you cannot increase the rate of fire of a weapon.
  • When choosing a vehicle, choose the one that lets you equip it with more weapons. You can place weapons on the sides, front, on top, and on the car’s hood. If you are to choose between a vehicle with side options or front options, choose the vehicle which allows you to put weapons in front. You kill zombies head-on not with your side. Moreover, side weapons don’t operate all the time.
  • Try to kill every zombie that you come across (except for timed missions). Crates come from zombies and killing every zombie on your way will increase the chances of you getting a crate.



So yeah, I love the gameplay but I hate the way they ask for money. There are ads everywhere, and you won’t be able to continue enjoying the game unless you have a very powerful vehicle (which you need buy with real money). It is a great game but they need to stop with the freemium model. Unless you would like to devote your time playing the same level over and over again (in the hopes of being luck enough to get a powerful item from crates), I won’t recommend this app.

Written by Gamebug

Gamebug is a weird guy.

Gamebug is a weird guy.

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