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Mutant Roadkill is an app developed by Glu Games Inc. It is available both on the Anroid and iOS app store. It uses a freemium model which means that the game is free to download but certain in-game items can only be acquired using real-world money.


Game Guide

Mutant Roadkill is much like Zombie Highway (kinda like Temple Run but you kill mutants and zombies instead). The objective of the game is to run over and kill as much mutants as you can.  There are different mutants in the game: The first one just walks and strays and you can easily run over them, the second one jumps at your vehicle and will attempt to flip your car over, the third one’s got claws that it will use to destroy your vehicle, and the last one is a mutant that explodes on contact. Both the second and third type of zombie will try to jump onto your car. There are several ways to remove them: using the shock/driver weapon power-up,   turning to the opposite direction (if they are on the left-side, turn right and they will fall over), and by bumping them on the side of blockades. As the game progresses, these mutants will change in color become harder to kill.  The basic color is brown, then orange and then violet (that is as far as I have gone and yes, I’m not good at this game XP).

There are two in-game currencies that are used to buy upgrades: cash and gold coins. You can get cash buy running over mutants and by progressing in mileage in the game. You can use cash to buy and upgrade your vehicle as well as your power-ups. Gold coins are harder to get. You can only buy them using real money in the game store or you can get some via chest rewards (There are also missions in the games just like the objectives in Temple Run. When you complete a mission, you get a chance to pick from 6 different chests) though I think it’s more of buying them in the store ’cause you’ll only get a few pieces via chest rewards. Gold coins are used to buy superior upgrades – the most ‘powerful’ vehicle can only be bought using gold coins as well as some power-ups.

Vehicles in the game have two attributes: handling and armor. Advance vehicles are available in the game and you can buy them using cash or gold coins. These advance vehicles provide better handling and armor. Better armor means that you can bump blockades more and mutants will have a harder time destroying your car. I don’t know about handling though. I didn’t notice any difference when I upgraded to a vehicle with better handling.

Power-ups are also available in the game. You receive them when you fill the star meter on the left side of the screen. The star meter can be filled by running over mutants, gaining mileage and performing combos (running over mutants continuously). When the bar is filled, you will be rewarded a random power-up. The turret power-up, which is the most useful, can also be found while driving. Power-ups in the game include turret, driver weapon, nitro boost, vehicle repair, and shock. These power-ups can be upgraded in the game store.


Tips and Tricks

The first thing you need to do is try to upgrade your missile turrets up to a double turret. This will be very helpful especially when there are a lot of mutants and blockades (this is very useful especially in the 5th mile where there are a lot of exploding mutants). The turret will kill all the mutants in range so you only need to focus on the road. After that, proceed on upgrading your vehicle (I bought the 10,000 worth vehicle – the 2,500 worth vehicle just adds handling and not any armor) as it provides an increases your armor allowing you to hit obstacles up to 4x. From there, proceed to upgrade power-ups ( I suggest maxing out the turret power-up first) and also upgrade your vehicle.



The game is good and it’s free to download. I got hooked to it at first but then power-ups and upgrades are a bit costly and I only make several hundreds of coins per run (I average about 7 miles per run and my longest run is around 10 miles, maybe you’re a lot better and you get a lot of coins). It’s Glu Games Inc.’s strategy so people buy coins from their store (but I don’t wanna shed any money on in-game cash). Overall, it’s a good game. It’s not that addicting but you still chase boredom away with this app. And because it’s free, Mutant Roadkill is tapworthy.

Written by Gamebug

Gamebug is a weird guy.

Gamebug is a weird guy.

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