Galaxy on Fire 2 (GoF 2)

Galaxy on Fire 2 Guide, Tips and Tricks

Call me a noob but I’ve just discovered Galaxy on Fire 2 (GoF2). This game went on sale and I purchased the HD version and boy I wasn’t disappointed. The game is really awesome! I would seriously recommend this app to everyone!

Galaxy on Fire 2 is a very addicting app from Fish Labs. However, I saw a lot of people get frustrated with this app because it is a bit hard to get by on the early stages of the game. In this article, I’ve compiled some tips and tricks for those who are just starting out their space adventure in GoF2.


Tips & Tricks

Early in the game, it will be a bit hard to do anything because you only have a crude ship Betty and no money. So, the first thing we need to do is stack up some cash. There are two ways that we can go in making some money: first would be to become a trader; second would be to become a job hunter.

Earning Money

One way to earn money in GoF2 is to become a trader.  To excel in trading, you should know where the price of an item is high and where it is low. This can be found in the hangar by pressing the “i” button next to an item. However, for this to be effective, you should go to many first stations first so you would know the prices on those systems.

Galaxy on Fire 2 (GoF 2)
Hitting the “i” button will show info on the item.

Note: Space lounges are also a good area for trading. More often than not, items sold at the space lounge are lower than that in the hangar. However, you should always check it first.

Another way to earn money is to do side missions. Side missions can be found on the space lounge. However, since your ship is not that good enough. I suggest that you only do junk removal missions and document retrieval operations. You can also do purchase missions but check the hangar fist if it has the required item. If it doesn’t, do not accept the mission and choose another one instead. When you’ve earned enough, prioritize on buying a large cabin so you can also do courier missions. Keep on doing side missions first before doing the storyline.

Galaxy on Fire 2 (GoF 2)
A Terran Space Lounge

Note: You can only do one mission at a time. Accepting another when you already have one will overwrite your former mission.

Edit: Medals also earn you money and some of them are easy to do. This will help you earn money in the earlier stages of the game. Medals are seen on your status.

Valkyrie Add-on

The Valkyrie add-on adds a whole lot of new items (and of course, content) to the game. However, this can only be unlocked after finishing the original story line of GoF2. The Valkyrie add-on makes it easier for you to make more money. Side missions pay a lot and there is also the Loma station, the station where you can sell anything at a higher price. The following trick makes use of this. It is specially useful specially if you’re looking to get the Kaamo Club (worth 30M credits and 50T Buskat) without purchasing it with real money.

– Buy a Cormorant and equip the following items: Polytron Boost, Yin Co. Shadow Ninja, Khador Drive, automatic Turret (optional)

– Fill the remaining slots with Rhoda Blackhole. This will increase your cargo to insane amounts.

– Go to the Suteo system and purchase all turrets from all space stations. Don’t forget to check the space lounge for great deals

– Go to the Pan System and purchase Organs, Luxury and anything with supplies over 100 (check the prices though if they are the lowest/near the lowest). Do this on all space stations in the Pan system. Again, don’t forget to check the space lounge for great deals.

– Do the same (previous step) to the Wolf-Reisser system. Fill up your cargo with all sorts of items if you still have credits. However, save at least 15 energy cells. They will be used for the next step.

– Now that your cargo is full, we now head to Loma (any station would do). As soon as you get there, hit the boost button (found on the lower-left of the screen). Once you’ve stopped, immediately use the Yin Co. Shadow Ninja

– The pirates will ask for money, say no. They will try to attack but since you’re already cloaked, they won’t be able to.

– The cloak time will be enough to regenerate the Polytron Boost. Use it once it becomes available again.

– Now that you’re on the space station, sell all those goodies!

– After selling, go to Suteo and repeat the process. Once your ship steps out of the station, hit the boost button so you won’t be caught in the gunfire.

Random Tips

– Keep on doing side missions first before doing the storyline. I already have a Nuyang II when I continued the story.

– If you’re having difficulty targeting moving ships, use a thermo weapon. Thermo weapons “home” to the one you’ve targeted. Use it with caution though.

– As much as possible, don’t do “illegal goods intercept” missions. Even though they present a great opportunity to earn money (loot and prize reward), this puts you against the opposing faction. Same goes for “traitor” missions.

– If you’ve evoked hostility to another faction and you want to fix your reputation, go to your “allied” faction and shoot  down all courier vehicles. That is, if you’re allies with the Terran, go and wreak havoc on them. This will adjust your status and help you regain back your reputation with the Vossks (the Terran’s opposing faction). Same goes for Midorians and Nivelians. This technique also presents you the opportunity for great loots.

– If you saw any vehicle that contains Vossk Organs, shoot it down immediately! Vossk organs are worth ~25k credits each. You can always repair your reputation later.

– For those who have the Valkyrie add-on, only sell your stuff in Loma. Prices in Loma are higher by ~1,000 credits

– When faced with too many enemies after stepping out of the hangar, you can just go back in and then set out again. The scenario usually changes after this.

Written by Gamebug

Gamebug is a weird guy.

Gamebug is a weird guy.

  1. Reply Osman November 28, 2012 at 1:54 am

    How do I switch primary weapon during battle?

  2. Reply Osman November 28, 2012 at 1:59 am

    Is it possible to changes primary weapons during battles like galaxy on fire 1?I have two primary weapon but can seem do switch during battle.

    • Reply Gamebug November 28, 2012 at 2:22 am

      Nope. You can only switch secondary weapons during battle. I hope they add that on future updates 🙂

  3. Reply Kman December 18, 2012 at 5:38 am

    Garnet Meton on Ahma Esoh is looking for 11X Vossk Organs, and he wants to pay me $493,450. I tracked down more than enough goods, now I can’t find the guy. What gives?

    • Reply Gamebug December 18, 2012 at 6:57 am

      Thanks for the read, I’m thinking that you may have “overwritten” the quest. This happens when you already have a side-mission and then you pick up another one (you can only have one side mission). Have you checked your missions? Does it still show up there?

  4. Reply WaywardV December 22, 2012 at 8:50 am

    I’m having serious trouble just getting to the Kaamo station – specifically, with the pirates you need to fight when you first arrive. I’ve got a Ghost with the T’yol, four mass drivers, loads of nukes, the best shield and boost I can find (worth mentioning that I haven’t bought any of the expansions yet.) Time after time I come in there guns blazing with three backup ships and they last longer than I do. What am I doing wrong? Is there some trick to this I’m not getting or am I just that bad?

    • Reply Gamebug December 22, 2012 at 12:54 pm

      Here are some things that I suggest you must have before trying to go toe to toe with these guys:
      – Repair Bot I (since you don’t have any expansion)
      – Yin Co. Shadow Ninja or any other cloaking device
      – Tons of energy cells
      – Some other weapon that has a better damage than the Mass Drivers (You can check your Fire Power and Defense when you click on the Status button when you’re in a hangar)

      Now, when you get there, try to take out the stations first. To do that, you’ll need the Shadow Ninja cloaking device and tons of energy cells (as each use of the device requires 5 energy cells). When your shields are going low, use the Shadow Ninja. The Repair Bot will repair your shields. Rinse and repeat.

      P.S. I suggest you get the SunFire o50 as your weapon. These are thermo weapons which means that they “home” to your target. Also, when you don’t have a target, the blasts are scattered and it affects a large area on the screen (no need to aim, hits many enemies at once).

      Tell me what happens 🙂

      • Reply Gamebug December 22, 2012 at 1:01 pm

        Oh, if you just want to go to the station, just use the Shadow Ninja and boost your way to the station 🙂

        • Reply Billy February 17, 2013 at 5:26 pm

          The docking gate won’t open until you kill everyone…nice try 🙂

      • Reply WaywardV December 26, 2012 at 5:30 am

        It worked! Instead of going with thermal weapons I ended up building four Wolverines – two or three shots to kill each ship, and I didn’t have to keep following them with the reticule. I think the cloak was probably the key bit though.

        Thanks so much! Now I just have to go about raising 30 million credits. I highly recommend trading between Wolf-Reiser/Aquila and Pan systems – you can make quick millions trading cargofulls of organs and implants back and forth.
        (Also, is it just me or is the captcha super tetchy for some reason?)

  5. Reply Mining March 10, 2013 at 4:13 pm

    There’s also a matter of pirating. It can be quite effective (pirating) if you target two opposing factions at the same time. Example: Go to magnetar and pirate many freighters. Work your way threw the planets and make the jumpgate your last stop and go to Vi’kka when your done. You will be allies with the vossk. Now do a mission with 100% bonus and then pirate the Vossk Freighters. Repeat process with Vossk Faction.

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