Drakerider Review

Drakerider is an app developed and published by Sqare Enix, the same publisher and developer of the Final Fantasy series (that being said, expect that it’ll be a good app). The app is a available for free in iTunes. However, it only has the first few chapters of the game unlocked and you would need to buy the other chapters.

In Drakerider, you play as a Dragalier named Aran and try to defeat the evil Dreads. As a Dragalier, you control a dragon named Eckdhart. This dragon is controlled through chains and magic – if you don’t control him well, he will go berserk and kill you. To save Igraine, you need to control this dragon well and use him to defeat the enemy demons and monsters.

As stated from above, the game revolves on the control of the dragon Eckdhart. This makes for a unique gameplay as you need to control him by sliding the chains that have inverse control and power relation. If you try to control him too much, he can only use a minimal part of his power. If you let him loose and let him use all of his power, the dragon will go berserk and kill you. You have to maintain proper balance between the two in order to win battles.

The graphics of the game is great as well as it’s sound. It also has a storyline that is quite interesting as it is revealed throughout the game. These characteristics makes for a great app, however the price of all the chapters is a bit too steep at $20.99.



The game is very much worth the download. The graphics are great and it has a good storyline as well. The gameplay is also unique and different from other gaming apps. Overall, this is a great app that guarantees a lot of fun. I would Drakerider to everyone!



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Gamebug is a weird guy.

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