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Currency+ Converter App Review

If you deal with foreign currency and you’re looking for an app that can help you, then this app is just right for you. The Currency+ Converter is an app that let’s you deal and convert with multiple currency exchange rates, something that is very important for people who deal with foreign exchange.

Currency+ Converter is an iOS app developed by Jump Gap Software. It comes in both free and paid versions ($1.99). Some of the most useful features are only available in the upgraded version though the free version is pretty good in its own right.

This app is very easy to use. It has support for over 150 currencies and it allows you to work with several currencies simultaneously. The free version allows you to work with 5 currencies at a time. The upgraded version though, has a whole lot of very useful features. It lets you work on unlimited number of currency, and it also has a chart feature that is very useful in showing how a specific currency is doing. The chart feature also lets you compare two currencies.

The upgraded version also allows you to use the calculator and its ‘calculator tape’. The calculator tape is a small screen that allows you to edit the values you’ve typed in the calculator.  It can also do inverse currency calculations as well as transaction fee/taxes calculations.

The only negative comment I have for this app is its user interface. It could use a cleaner look. Also, I hate that you can only edit/add currencies when on landscape mode. Though this is just some minor things, it would be great if these would be addressed.

Currency+ Converter
These add/edit options are only available on landscape mode! y u no make it available on portrait??



If you work on foreign exchange, I suggest that you get the paid version of Currency+ Converter. It packs a whole lot of useful stuff that can be of use to your work. However, if you’re someone who just wants to check how much your money is worth in other currencies, I say that the free version would suffice. Overall, I highly suggest Currency+ Converter.



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Gamebug is a weird guy.

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