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Turret commander

Turret Commander App Review

Turret Commander is a gaming app developed and published by Kylinworks. It is available for free in the app store. Turret Commander places you in a jet fighter in control of its err, turret which you’ll be using to blast enemy fighter planes that try to bring you down. You swipe (or tilt) left and right 360 degrees and use your guns and missiles to blow enemies away. Basically, if you’ve played Galaxy on Fire

Armed Beasts

Armed Beasts App Review

Armed Beasts is a great combination of a shoot ’em up and action I was very lucky to get it free as it is now back to its original price of $1.99. Armed Beasts is a game developed/published by CWA Games. It is a very good game and it guarantees hours of fun! The game starts, by choosing a character (there are several characters that you can choose from) that you will use to fight in

Time Crisis 2nd Strike HD

Time Crisis 2nd Strike App review

If you love Time Crisis back in the arcades then you’ll love Time Crisis 2nd Strike HD (TC2HD) on your iOS devices. Well, it’s not exactly the first Time Crisis app (it’s actually the second installment) but the first one does not do well in bringing in the “Time Crisis experience”. This time though, TC2HD has succeeded in that department and it feels nostalgic playing this game. I was able to get a hand on the

Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty App Review

Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty App is a 3D side-scrolling game developed and published by Marvel Entertainment. The app costs $2.99 but I was lucky to get it free a couple of weeks back when they went on a promo. As Captain America, you enter levels and in each level, there are enemy soldiers that will try to bring you down. You can defeat these enemies using your shield and a couple of multiple-hit combos.

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What’s the Best Free Media Player App? – MoliPlayer HD vs. iMediaPlayer vs. FlexPlayer vs. VM Player Lite

If you love videos and you have tons of them on your computer waiting to be synced into your iOS device then, chances are, you’ve looked for a decent media player app that you can use to play them. And if you’re like me, you’re looking for something that’s free 🙂 It’s just sad that the local iOS video app only supports MP4 ( or M4V? I totally forgot) and it’s a pain to convert

Running Dead

Running Dead App Review

Running Dead is a free app developed and published by Cleverson. This game falls on the genre of “how far can you go” games just like Temple Run. I’d say that this game is like Mutant Roadkill only that you’re walking instead of riding on a car. You also have weapons that you can use to kill zombies and obstacles are also present in your way (e.g. houses). The only thing that is different is

Currency + Converter

Currency+ Converter App Review

If you deal with foreign currency and you’re looking for an app that can help you, then this app is just right for you. The Currency+ Converter is an app that let’s you deal and convert with multiple currency exchange rates, something that is very important for people who deal with foreign exchange. Currency+ Converter is an iOS app developed by Jump Gap Software. It comes in both free and paid versions ($1.99). Some of

Wild Blood App Review

Wild Blood is a gaming app developed by Gameloft and is currently available for iOS devices (will be coming soon to Android). It was first announced mid-August and was released some time in early September. It is rated 4 stars in the iTunes store but I beg to disagree. I say it should just be around 3 stars. The apps announcement came out with a video (you can see it here) and it looked pretty

Six-Guns App Review

Six-Guns is a gaming app developed and published by Gameloft. It is free and is available for both iOS and Android devices. It is usually praised by the mobile gaming community but I beg to differ. I tried the app and then quickly uninstalled it after a few levels. Just the name ‘Gameloft’ makes me wanna check out an app so when I saw Six-Guns was published by Gameloft, I quickly downloaded it and then

Flex: Player App Review

Update: The latest Flex:Player update has been released already in iTunes. However, don’t bother to download it. It seems that it sucks more than ever. I’m still in the lookout for a great free media player. I’ll keep you guys posted. Update: It looks like Persona Software has already made the updates in the software and they are currently in the process of bringing it back to the App Store. It’s probable under review and