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Temple Run 2 is now Available in the App Store

Arguably one of the most popular app to hit the app store, Temple Run now has a sequel! Temple Run 2 has just reached the app store and is now available for download for free! The game will feature stunning graphics,  new environments, new obstacles, more powerups (actually, there will also be different powerups for each character class) and achievements. The demon monkeys have also gone bigger! Temple Run 2 will surely provide long hours

Avengers Initiative App is Free iOS App of the Week

In celebration for winning the IGN People’s Choice Award, Marvel Entertainment has decided to make the Avengers Initiative app free (limited time only). For one week, the game will be available for free for the iOS Market. It is yet to be announced if it will also go free for Android devices. Although it has won the above-mentioned award, the game has had its fair share of bad remarks and criticisms from the community. People

Horn Releases Update 1.3

It’s been a while since I’ve written a post. Lately, I’ve purchased Codea. An app that can be used to program other apps (yup, creating iPad apps on an iPad). I am no programmer but I heard that this app uses a simple programming language named Lua which is said to be easy to learn. I’m trying to learn this stuff that’s why i haven’t written for quite some time. Anyways, I’m just writing this


NBA 2k13 App Goes on Sale

2K Games has just announced via their Facebook Fan Page that the NBA 2k13 App will go on sale for one week. This is in celebration of the start of the NBA 2012-2013 season. The price, which is originally $7.99, will now be cut down to $4.99 – a $3 savings. If you love basketball and you’re looking for a great basketball app on your gadgets, then NBA 2k13 is for you. Hurry up now

Apple Reveals iPad Mini

The iPad Mini, which is a smaller version of the iPad, is probably one of the most anticipated gadgets this year and a lot of people have been waiting for it. Well, the long wait is over. Last Tuesday, Apple unveiled the iPad Mini in its event in San Jose, California. The fourth generation iPad was also announced on the same event despite the fact that the New iPad was launched just six months ago.


NBA 2k13 App Goes Live

The second installment to the popular hoops app just got released. NBA 2k13 went live yesterday (Oct. 3) for both Android and iOS devices. NBA 2k13 NBA 2k13 builds on the solid performance of its predecessor. It kinda feels the same with NBA 2k12 (with updated roster) but with a couple of new added features. This year, you’ll be able to play some sort of “Dynasty Mode” as you can now play through multiple seasons.

iPhone 5 vs. the World

Apple has just announced their latest smartphone, the iPhone 5 and it has created a lot of noise throughout the technological industry. The iPhone 5 says to have raised the “smartphone bar”. However, does it redefine the smartphone landscape? Surely, the iPhone 5 is a whole lot better than its predecessor, the iPhone 4S, but how does the iPhone 5 compare to the other smartphones? Below is a table that compares the iPhone 5  to

Wild Blood Game App Announced

Gameloft has just announced Wild Blood, a gaming app powered by Unreal Engine – the same engine that is being used by games like Infinity Blade and Horn. It will be available for both iOS and Android devices. However, release date of the app is unknown as of the moment. The only thing I know right know is that it looks like a promising game (based from the trailer). Unlike other games powered by Unreal