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Guides on how to use a specific app.

Horn: Cuthbert Colossus Walkthrough

Hello again! It’s been a while since I’ve written a walkthrough on Horn. I’ve been kinda busy playing the very awesome game of Galaxy on Fire 2 (yup, I’ve just tried it >.<). OK then, here is my guide on Horn: Cuthbert Colossus. The level Cuthbert Colossus opens when you’ve finished collecting the six seeds and you’ve opened the seal. When you enter the stage, you’ll see a very huge pygon monster and you need

Snails vs. Ants HD App Review, Tips and Tricks

Snails vs. Ants HD is a tower defense (TD) game developed and published by Duole. The game uses a freemium model, meaning the game is free but there are also in-game items that can be purchased using real money. I’ve played some TD games before and I didn’t like all of them. I never liked them and I stayed away from them. That’s until I played Snails vs. Ants. I got addicted to this game

Horn Walkthrough – The Armory: Fists of Danger and No Blade Sharper

Fists of Danger Upon entry in the Armory, you’ll find a pygon monster. Defeat it and claim all the freebies just like the first time. Proceed to the next section. You’ll then find a cliff and after climbing across, a pygon monster awaits. After defeating it, proceed left to get to the next section. The next section is a checkpoint. On your left side is another smithy entrance (just like in Arktos Likes Beehives). Up

Horn Walkthrough – The Outpost: Arktos Loves Beehives

This stage won’t be available until you’ve finished The Armory: Into the Ruins. This stage is just like Playing with Fire but instead of fire, there is Arktos – the beehive-loving Pygon monster we’ve encountered earlier. Whenever there is a beehive, just shoot it and Arktos would go to where it fell and open up a path. Now don’t forget to collect the pygite chests as well as the pygon core! Be careful of the

Horn Walkthrough: The Armory

Into the Ruins Upon entry to the Armory, you’ll see a pygon moster carrying the seed. It will then go away. Don’t follow it just yet. To the left of the road (where the pygon monster came from)  there is a cliff. Down the cliff, you’ll find a pygoid named Davlid. Claim the pygoid and then follow the pygon monster to the next section. On the next section, there will be a pygon monster. defeat

Horn Walkthrough: The Outpost

Demolition Upon entry, pygon “birds” will be there so get ready. You should shoot them with the pygon gun that you’ve acquired earlier. When shot, they will turn into real birds and you’ll be rewarded with pygite. On the immediate right of the entrance, there are plants that you can cut which will open a secret passage. In there you will see a chest that contains pygite and a lever. Pull down the lever and

Horn App Review, Tips and Tricks

Horn is an RPG game developed bu Phosphor Games and published by Zynga. It costs $6.99 and is available for iOS devices as of this writing. Phosphor Games is looking to make it available to Android devices sometime soon. The game is powered by Unreal Engine, the same engine used by the Infinity Blade series. Horn kinda shares the same gameplay with Infinity Blade. The only difference is that Horn doesn’t follow a defined path

Legendary Heroes Review, Tips & Tricks

If you’re into MOBA games like DotA, League of Legends, Heroes of Newerth and the likes, you’ll definitely love Legendary Heroes! The game is basically DotA for the Android and iOS! This app is developed and published by Maya and it’s free! The only thing that i hate about Legendary Heroes is that your other heroes tend to battle enemy heroes head-on even if your hero doesn’t have any ally creeps. Also, they tend to

Gears & Guts Review, Tips and Tricks

Gears & Guts is another freemium app from Glu Games Inc. The game revolves around the idea of running over zombies and killing them. It may sound like Zombie Highway or Mutant Roadkill but unlike these apps (where you’re in some sort of a rail and you can only go left/right), Gears & Guts lets you have free control over your car! You can go wherever you want!  That, to me, is an awesome idea


Warmongers Strategy Guide

Warmongers is a free iOS strategy game from Category 5 Games. The game is very addicting and it’s free! What more can you ask? Tapworthy indeed. 🙂 The only thing I hate about the game is that I cannot access the leaderboards. I wanna see where I stack up with the rest of the world because I think I’m good at playing this 🙂   Playing the game The game is about humans battling goblins. You