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Apple Reveals iPad Mini

The iPad Mini, which is a smaller version of the iPad, is probably one of the most anticipated gadgets this year and a lot of people have been waiting for it. Well, the long wait is over. Last Tuesday, Apple unveiled the iPad Mini in its event in San Jose, California. The fourth generation iPad was also announced on the same event despite the fact that the New iPad was launched just six months ago.

iPhone 5 vs. the World

Apple has just announced their latest smartphone, the iPhone 5 and it has created a lot of noise throughout the technological industry. The iPhone 5 says to have raised the “smartphone bar”. However, does it redefine the smartphone landscape? Surely, the iPhone 5 is a whole lot better than its predecessor, the iPhone 4S, but how does the iPhone 5 compare to the other smartphones? Below is a table that compares the iPhone 5  to