Blood & Glory Gaming App Review

Blood & Glory is an app developed and published by Glu Games Inc. (they really publish a lot of tapworthy apps so you might want to follow their facebook fan page The app is free and is available both for Android and iOS. It works on a freemium model and the app offers some in-game items for real cash.

If you have played Infinity Blade (IB) before, basically Blood & Glory is just like that (minus the story line of course). Blood & Glory sets players to become Gladiators and slash their way to victory against opponents. All controls, dodge, block, parry, attack are the same with Infinity Blade. You can also equip your character with items that you can buy from the game store. Again, just like Infinity Blade. Well actually, Blood & Glory is just like Infinity Blade though it follows a tournament format and some items and it doesn’t have a looping story line. However, the game may be like IB but Blood & Glory doesn’t match IB in graphics and sounds. Well, the app is free and it’s only 142 MB (IB is around 1 GB if I remember correctly).


Honestly, I didn’t like this app because I’ve played IB before and I think IB is more responsive and more sleeker. I find the UI of Blood & Glory a bit messy too (probably because of the ads). Also, Infinity Blade II has come up with a new content pack (Skycages). I’d most likely play Skycages instead of this.

However, if you’re into gore and is looking for an action packed gaming app, then this game maybe the right one for you. It’s got blood (lots of ’em actually) and it’s totally free. You might need to spend some money though if you want to enjoy the game fully.

Written by Gamebug

Gamebug is a weird guy.

Gamebug is a weird guy.

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