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Legendary Heroes Review, Tips & Tricks

If you’re into MOBA games like DotA, League of Legends, Heroes of Newerth and the likes, you’ll definitely love Legendary Heroes! The game is basically DotA for the Android and iOS! This app is developed and published by Maya and it’s free! The only thing that i hate about Legendary Heroes is that your other heroes tend to battle enemy heroes head-on even if your hero doesn’t have any ally creeps. Also, they tend to

Gears & Guts Review, Tips and Tricks

Gears & Guts is another freemium app from Glu Games Inc. The game revolves around the idea of running over zombies and killing them. It may sound like Zombie Highway or Mutant Roadkill but unlike these apps (where you’re in some sort of a rail and you can only go left/right), Gears & Guts lets you have free control over your car! You can go wherever you want!  That, to me, is an awesome idea

Blood & Glory Gaming App Review

Blood & Glory is an app developed and published by Glu Games Inc. (they really publish a lot of tapworthy apps so you might want to follow their facebook fan page The app is free and is available both for Android and iOS. It works on a freemium model and the app offers some in-game items for real cash. If you have played Infinity Blade (IB) before, basically Blood & Glory is just like that

Social Chess App Review

I was browsing the iTunes store for an alternative to the app. I’ve been playing chess using the app for quite a while now but it crashes frequently (the app has a lot of bugs e.g. a certain piece goes to the twilight zone never to be seen again). These crashes have caused me a lot of games and I wish would do something about their app. These are my reasons why

Fitness HD Review

Fitness HD is a free (used to be $0.99) app for iOS published and developed by Arawella Corportation. I am looking to get fit and I saw this app on iTunes. The description on iTunes as well as the ratings are good so I didn’t hesitate to buy the app. Well, it does have some awesome features such as Calorie counter, BMI tracker, Workout recipes cut and designed for your specific goals (you choose your


Warmongers Strategy Guide

Warmongers is a free iOS strategy game from Category 5 Games. The game is very addicting and it’s free! What more can you ask? Tapworthy indeed. 🙂 The only thing I hate about the game is that I cannot access the leaderboards. I wanna see where I stack up with the rest of the world because I think I’m good at playing this 🙂   Playing the game The game is about humans battling goblins. You

Gaming App : Mutant Roadkill

Mutant Roadkill is an app developed by Glu Games Inc. It is available both on the Anroid and iOS app store. It uses a freemium model which means that the game is free to download but certain in-game items can only be acquired using real-world money.   Game Guide Mutant Roadkill is much like Zombie Highway (kinda like Temple Run but you kill mutants and zombies instead). The objective of the game is to run

Plague Inc. Strategy Guide

Plague Inc. is a new app developed by Ndemic Creations. It is a strategy game where you try to kill every individual on earth using a pathogen. You have to evolve the pathogen’s different characteristics strategically depending on the pathogen’s characteristics and in-game events. If you’ve done it right, you’ll be able to destroy the human race. Here is my guide on beating the game. Hope this helps. 🙂 Bacteria This is the first pathogen

CSR Racing

CSR Racing

I love racing games and I love playing them on my iPad. I’ve played several racing games such as the NFS franchise as well as the Asphalt franchise so when I saw CSR racing on the app store and I saw that it’s free, I didn’t hesitate and I downloaded it right away. Playing CSR Racing CSR Racing is a game developed by BossAlien and published by Natural Motion. The game is available for free