Tapp Dojo, is your ideal resource for news and reviews about anything on the “touchscreen industry” (if there is such an industry lol). We look to provide users with comprehensive guides and reviews on your favorite and upcoming mobile applications. Each app is meticulously tried and tested before reviewing so we would know if it is really tapworthy* or not.

*The site was formerly known as tapworthy. After a long hiatus, it has been rebranded to Tapp Dojo. The name came from the words Tap (a gesture used in mobile applications), App , and Dojo (a Japanese term that means “place of the way” ). Combined together as Tapp Dojo, it serves as the “intuitive knowing of mobile applications”. Yup, you’re correct. That’s just a load of bull. Sounds cool though.


Anyway, if you guys have any questions, concerns, violent reactions, or if you would like us to review/publish something please feel free to contact us via our contact form located here.